What Should I Do

I have experienced a severe property loss, what happens next?

insurance adjustersFollowing a significant property loss, you likely have more responsibilities than you realize. Immediately following a loss, you have essentially three main obligations; to notify the insurer of the loss; to protect the property from further damage and to safeguard the property from any risk to the public. That is only the beginning of managing your claim in what can frequently become a long and arduous experience. Without a clear understanding of your situation, you could expose yourself to uninsured loss, less than full recovery, or both.

At Pythe Navis, we will represent your interests in every aspect of your property claim from the very start. We will work with you to devise a claims management strategy; quantify your loss and formulate your claim; present your claim to the insurer and negotiate settlement of your claim with the adjuster assigned on behalf of the insurer. We are dedicated to advocating on behalf of policyholders. The insurance company has someone acting on their behalf, shouldn’t you? The sooner you connect with Pythe Navis MDP, the sooner we can help and make your insurance policy work for you.

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