Take Control of Your Claim

Pythe Navis MDP can help you maximize your claim.

insurance claimsAfter a loss, there will be a lot weighing on your mind. Terms like co-insurance, actual cash value and schedule of loss may not seem like a priority in contrast with the realities confronting you. The adjuster hired by the insurance company may rush you through the claims process without adequately explaining insurance jargon. All of these terms matter and any oversights can lead to a less than satisfactory outcome. At Pythe Navis MDP, we take the time to explain how the insurance process works so that you can make educated choices about how to handle your claim.

Once you have made a fully informed decision, Pythe Navis MDP will manage your claim with the time, effort, precision and expertise required for you to meet your goals, while leaving you free to manage your own time and focus on your usual day to day affairs.

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