Professional Referrals

Pythe Navis MDP is also experienced at assisting the insurance claims of other professional’s clients.

For insurance brokers, that can mean making sure that their client is fully satisfied in the resolution of their claim and know that they can count on their broker’s assistance and support in times of turmoil. For lawyers, we can offer assistance in dealing with the day-to-day adjusting of your client’s claim to maximize their eventual recovery. In doing so, we divide our expertise so that your client continues to receive legal services from you, while also obtaining the added benefit of our public adjusting services. If the case eventually has to go to trial, we can testify as an expert in the field of adjusting and explain why each claim for damage is justifiable under the policy. In addition, Pythe Navis MDP also has experience acting as a representative and an umpire under the statutory Appraisal and Dispute Resolution provisions of British Columbia and Alberta. Finally, if you are a property management company, we can work with you to coordinate your client’s claim, leaving them content that you have gone above-and-beyond in completing your responsibilities to the upmost.

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